Oliver Cramer

Analytics engineering is collaborative these days!

The focus in mature analytics companies has shifted away from proprietary purely technical end-to-end tools to composable solutions that consist of multiple organizational and technical components.

But what does this mean for Analytics Engineering teams in organizations?
The Analytics Engineering team will enhance the Data Engineers department by building and developing operational analytics capabilities so that the organization can better understand its own internal needs for its end users, improve cross-departmental collaboration, and continue to implement technical industry best practices.

But what are the best practices in organizational design for analytics engineering?
We think this opens up a wide field these days!

The goal of this website is to present good approaches and ideas to create a good organizational and technical design for the future.

One thing should be made clear here from the very beginning:
This is quite a challenge for companies to adapt to this new organizational and technical design.

Creating a data warehouse is like preparing a tiramisu;
Finding the right ingredients, bringing them together and layering them.
Oliver Cramer
Senior Data Warehouse Architect


Oliver Cramer


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